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4 Natural Health and Medical Supplies to Make Home Health Comfortable

Salt Lamps
Facing a move to home health for a family member can leave you focused on the medical aspects and not comfort aspects. You try to go for comfort options whenever possible, but at the beginning of the move to home health, you want to make sure your loved one has the health and medical supplies they need first. After you have achieved this, it is time to focus on making their home health care comfortable as well. Here are four natural health and medical supplies to help make your loved ones home health care as comfortable as possible.
1. Chakra Healing Supplies
There are several schools of thought that believe part of healing the body means healing the chakras as well. Having the right chakra supplies can help with this, even in a home health environment. If you know how to use them, or you have someone that can come in and offer assistance to your loved one with chakra items, then you can start off with just a few items.
Chakra gemstones are one of the easiest and less expensive items you can buy for chakra healing. You can place these stones on your loved one's body at the chakra points. With combined meditation and other chakra healing devices, these small gemstones can help with chakra healing greatly. Other chakra items may include specific colored stones and even crystals placed throughout the room in specific areas according to the healing energy that is necessary.
2. Salt Lamps
If you want to buy just one item that will help with the comfort of your loved one who is in home health, then a salt lamp may be ideal. These lamps are said to help with various issues including respiratory and anxiety. You can purchase these lamps in various sizes, including plugin options. The combination of light and healing salt properties bring a combination of relaxation together in one item.
If you aren't sure how salt lamps will help, consider these quick facts. Salt lamps help to clean the air, and they can help with coughing issues. This is done during the air filtration process. By cleaning the air, the particles that you breathe into your body have reduced allergens. These reduced allergens allow you to breathe easier and take in more clean oxygen to reduce irritation in the lungs and throat.
3. Massage Devices
Body massage can help to make a home health plan more comfortable in various ways. For example, if your loved one is bed bound, a massage of the legs as well as the arms and feet may actually be part of the home health plan. Though your loved one may have a physical therapist, a routine comfort massage may help with tension in the body that can lead to pain and anxiety.
You can purchase several types of massage options from the health and medical supply store. Some of these options may be massage pillows and neck rolls that can be plugged in and operated by the family member who is in home health. This is ideal if they need immediate massage relief to certain areas of the body. Massage oils can also be purchased to help with soreness and lubrication of the skin.
4. Essential Oil Devices
An increasing number of medical and health supply stores are starting to carry essential oils and devices. This is even true when they carry little else in the realm of natural and homeopathic health options. Though essential oils may bring to mind a difference in the air quality or odor, there are other devices and oil uses that can help your loved one during their home health care treatment.
The main device you will want to buy is an essential oil diffuser. This device allows you to use oils in a mist form. The mist escapes into the air and can fill your lungs in a vape or mist form. This allows the oils to get into the air and your breathing system. Lavender is the most popular oil to use for relaxation, but if your loved one is having other issues such as issues with clarity or respiratory problems, then other oils may be ideal. Your medical and health supply store can help choosing the right ones for you.
You can start off with these four natural health and medical supplies to help make your loved ones home health comfortable. Once you have figured out what works for your loved ones, you can move forward to other items. If you have questions about what items may help with relaxation and comfort, contact All Florida Medical Supplies. We can help with options, pricing, and finding out if your loved one's insurance may cover any items.