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Post-Surgery Medical Supplies for Every Room

Any type of surgery has a major impact on your body. As you return home, proper healing and support are some of the most important aspects of your recovery. You may have limited mobility, and the tasks you're used to doing every day may be more of a struggle than you're used to.
No matter what room in the home you need to access, you can find post-surgery medical supplies to help with the situation. Knowing and understanding what supplies to choose from will help you create the best environment for your healing. The use of these medical supplies also helps prevent any extra damage done to your body because of improper home treatments.
Living Room
One of the main areas in your home where you may find healing is the living room. A living room offers space, comfort, and entertainment options like a television. As you set up your living room for surgery recovery, consider any type of new furniture you may need for comfort.
A reclining lift chair offers multiple ways to position yourself for comfort. These chairs include automatic electronic lifts that allow you to adjust the height and angle of your body in the chair. The electronic lift settings prevent the strain of manually adjusting the chair or reaching for handles.
Along with actual pieces of the furniture, massage cushions are ideal for any other type of seating in the living room. Massage cushions offer extra soothing for aching muscles and sore areas on your body. As you gain mobility, you may also want to include a walker for the living room. You can help your body heal and rebuild muscles by using a walker to move around the living room area.
During the first days after your surgery, you may have difficulty walking to your bathroom, never mind using it. Once inside your bathroom, multiple medical supplies can help you get through bathing or going to the bathroom.
Add safety bars and rails to various areas of the bathroom. A safety bar in the shower helps you balance and climb in and out of the tub. Safety rails around the toilet make it easier to lift yourself and maintain body control.
If standing is limited due to your surgery, invest in a shower seat. These seats allow you to shower without worrying about falling down or slipping on water and causing problems for your post-surgery recovery.
With limited mobility, you may find yourself eating at home more when going through the post-surgery process. During this time, there are multiple ways to still enjoy meals and prepare various options.
For dining, purchase adaptive silverware and cups made for easier grip and control. Kitchen reachers help you grab items that are in hard-to-reach locations, like boxed foods or various canned goods. A variety of walkers or canes help you move around the kitchen to access various items and make your way to various countertops.
As you heal from surgery, the bedroom is the most ideal location for relaxation and sleep. Get proper sleep with a number of medical supplies that can help you feel calm and relaxed. For example, you can use an essential oil diffuser to spread various oils in the air that are ideal for healing and relaxation.
Some oils, like lavender and peppermint, are known to help soothe muscle aches and pains. Other combination of oils, like lemongrass and grapefruit, can also help you relax and sleep. Other supplies like small water fountains may supply relaxing sounds to help you rest and heal.
Check out all the medical supplies we have to offer at All Florida Medical Supplies. We can provide you with supplies for every room of your house.