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Set Up a Safe and Comfortable Home Health Care Environment

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Whether your loved one needs care for a long-term health condition or just needs a safe place to recover from a recent injury, their home environment plays a big role in keeping them healthy.
Although most houses are not set up to create a hospital-style environment, you can transform your loved one's living space into one that promotes better health. As they prepare to address their health issues, take these steps to create a safe home health care environment that keeps them comfortable.

Assess Accessibility
The first thing that you need to do is walk through the various parts of your loved one's home to determine how accessible it is for their health condition. For instance, an older adult recovering from hip surgery may need to reconsider the location of their sleeping area if it is a long distance away from a bathroom.
You may also need to rearrange shelving and storage areas to ensure that your loved one or their caregiver can access the things that they need. For example, someone who is adjusting to using a wheelchair may need to have personal hygiene supplies placed on shelves that they can reach easily.
During your accessibility assessment, make a note of any furniture that may need to be removed or replaced to give your loved one a clear area to move through each room. As you do so, keep in mind that people who use mobility devices such as walkers may need additional space to walk through their house.

Choose the Right Type of Bed
Your loved one's bed may no longer be the ideal fit for them as they cope with their health condition. Fortunately, you can buy or rent hospital beds that you can use in your loved one's home to increase their comfort and reduce pain and the risk of injuries.
Hospital beds for home health care come in a variety of styles from which you can choose based upon your loved one's needs. For example, an electric adjustable bed allows your loved one to raise and lower the front or bottom to increase their comfort. If you set up a recovery room where outlets are not accessible, then manual styles are also available.

Create a Storage Area for Supplies
Your loved one should always have what they need to cope with their health condition. Talk to their medical team to find out what types of items they need during their recovery, such as bandages or incontinence pads.
Then find a safe place in their home where you can store these items to keep them hygienic. Ideally, you should place these items in clear plastic bins on a shelf located near where they are likely to be used, such as in the main recovery room or bathroom area, so that any other caregivers can access them easily.

Reduce Fall Hazards
The risk of a fall-related injury is always a concern for anyone who has health conditions that limit their mobility, balance, and reflexes. Keep clutter down in your loved one's residence, and install proper lighting so that they can see clearly as they walk through their house.
You can also install safety features in areas where falls are likely to happen. Grab rails located near the bathtub, toilet, and steps in the house give your loved one something to hold onto to maintain their balance.

Add a Few Special Touches
Once you've handled the main safety features, add a few special touches that increase your loved one's comfort. For instance, aromatherapy diffusers placed in the recovery room can help to generate a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.
At All Florida Medical Supplies, we have everything you need to set up the ideal living area for your loved one's health care needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our home health care supplies.